Standing Together: Zoey and Tyler’s Z Mansion Wedding

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Capturing Zoey and Tyler’s Z Mansion wedding was an absolute delight for me as a photographer. From the moment I met this dynamic couple at their engagement session, I could tell they had a special kind of love. These two could NOT keep their hands (or lips) off of each other. It was the best!

As lawyers, Zoey and Tyler are so used to high-pressure situations. But on their wedding day, they were the epitome of calmness. It was like their goal was just to be happy together. They didn’t fuss over the little things. Instead, they focused on the love they shared and the commitment they were about to make.

One cool thing that happened was when I was explaining to Tyler how the first look was going to happen, I referenced “She’s All That.” Tyler requested that we play that song from the scene “kiss me.” This moment will be engrained in my mind forever!

The ceremony was definitely one of the highlights of the day. It took place at the gorgeous Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church. I’ve got to say, what a perfect spot to have a wedding! The ornate decorations, intricate stained glass windows, and the aura of reverence that filled the space created an enchanting backdrop for Zoey and Tyler’s union.

In the Orthodox tradition, the priest begins at the back of the church and leads the bride and groom to the altar. So Zoey and Tyler walked in together, hand in hand, and remained together throughout the entire ceremony. The symbolism of their unity was a testament that their love would be a steadfast pillar in their future.

Following the ceremony, it was time to party, and the reception did not disappoint. Zoey and Tyler’s first dance as a married couple was nothing short of magical. The way they moved together, their eyes locked, and their smiles radiating pure joy was a testament to their deep connection. It was a privilege to capture those precious moments of pure happiness.

Zoey’s father brought his own unique charm to the wedding festivities. He embraced his individuality by wearing a “kiss” shirt underneath his tuxedo and painting two of his nails. His unapologetic authenticity was incredible!

During our final planning call, Zoey and Tyler had initially decided to skip taking pictures at the courthouse due to time constraints. However, staying on schedule is my specialty. With some careful coordination, we created a window of opportunity to walk to the courthouse and capture some unforgettable moments. I was so thrilled that we could squeeze this in, and I know that the couple will treasure these photos.

The Z Mansion, the venue for the reception, provided an elegant setting for the evening festivities. Its vintage charm complemented Zoey and Tyler’s love story perfectly.

As the day drew to a close, I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible experience of photographing Zoey and Tyler’s Z Mansion wedding. Their easygoing nature and genuine love for one another made my job as a photographer a true pleasure. I’m so grateful to have been a part of their special day!

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