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Zoey and Tyler met at the University of Arizona in their second year of law school. They were both in the same law journal, so they became fast friends. Too stressed and busy during law school, they failed to notice their compatibility right away. Instead, they bonded as friends over their love of country music. 

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During school, Tyler was drawn to Zoey’s studious nature. “She was such a nerd, in the best way possible,” he told me. As a perfectionist, Zoey is always super meticulous in everything she does, but she’s also the life of the party! She’s so bright and energetic, there’s no question as to why she and Tyler clicked.

He always has a joke on the tip of his tongue and is a calm and relaxing presence. Zoey initially thought he was way too chill for law school. So with their noses buried in textbooks, their relationship settled into a comfortable friendship until they were ready to take things to the next level.

After a night out at Congress, Zoey said “I love you” to the nachos Tyler was holding, but Tyler thought she was saying it to him! There’s still a misunderstanding about this story today, but for sure, Tyler said the “L” word at a wedding in which he was a groomsman. 

They have now been together for five years. When Tyler reached out to me about a surprise proposal session, nothing could’ve kept me from wading knee-deep into the plans! He took her out to Finger Rock Trail, and while my husband and I pretended to be waiting for somebody else, Tyler got down on one knee and popped the question!

Her reaction was priceless! She didn’t suspect anything at all. For a long moment, she was too shocked to process what was happening. But then, with a shout of joy, she said yes!

A few months later, they hired me to be their wedding photographer! But like all of my gems know, every wedding collection comes with an engagement session, so we went out to Mt. Lemmon with some casual and formal outfits. Not only did they pick a great location, but they were dressed to the nines. Even their dog Zuke joined them! Pups are way more than just a pet. They’re family, and he was such a good boy the entire time.

The only challenge we had was trying to get Zuke to look at the camera! Even though Tyler brought the wrong treats (according to Zoey), he couldn’t resist my random sounds!

I’m so excited to be taking your wedding photos, Tyler and Zoey! Your surprise proposal and engagement sessions at Mt. Lemmon were so dreamy, and I know your wedding is going to be just as good.

Are you planning your own engagement and searching for the perfect engagement photographer? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the engagement photos of your dreams!

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