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Aissa & CJ just got married on February 25. Trust me when I say, "it was a party!" Not only that, but Aissa and CJ are the perfect example of what it is like to have to families come together and unite as one. Lot's of happy tears where shed, even more dancing! Stay tunes for the first wedding of 2023.

Aissa & Cj's, Life of the party, wedding day!

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It’s 2023, and gone are the days of keeping track of clients on paper. When I started my photography business, I tried different CRMs (customer relationship management). Even though they did their job, I always felt limited or as if something was missing. It wasn’t until I gave Dubsado a try that my business heart […]


Dubsado: The One Business Tool I Could Not Live Without!

Dubsado is a Client relationship management used in Ruby sandoval photography

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Today I’m feeling beyond excited to share some news that will unquestionably change your business for the better. It might not be our favorite topic, but having legally legit business contract templates is a MUST! But before I spill, here’s a fun fact you’ll want to know. Did you know that hiring an attorney is […]


The Business Contract Templates Shop is Having a SALE!

contract templates for creative businesses

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I have been debating wether or not to share these random and somewhat embarrassing intricate things about me because let’s be honest, no one cares! At least it can feel that way sometimes, but to be honest I enjoy getting to know my clients before our first session. I ask a lot of questions and use tons of exclamation marks in messages, so I thought “Why not let YOU get to know me a little better?” I mean the worse thing that can happen is you laughing and remembering my chicken story every time you see a chicken. What’s my chicken story you ask? There’s only one way to find out!


5 Random Things About Me