Dubsado: The One Business Tool I Could Not Live Without!

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It’s 2023, and gone are the days of keeping track of clients on paper. When I started my photography business, I tried different CRMs (customer relationship management). Even though they did their job, I always felt limited or as if something was missing. It wasn’t until I gave Dubsado a try that my business heart felt complete. Don’t get me wrong, there IS a learning curve, and it can feel intimidating and overwhelming at first, but once you figure out where everything is and how it works, you’re in CRM heaven! Dubsado is now celebrating its 7th Birthday, and they are having a special birthday promotion starting TODAY, February 20, at 10 am PT up until February 24 at 2 pm PT. But before we start celebrating, you might have a few questions.

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What is Dubsado?

“Dubsado is a business management tool over 28,000 business owners use to efficiently track project documents, invoices, and progress and collaborate with clients.” It also helps you save HOURS of back-and-forth emails and lets you send questionnaires, and that’s just the start of it.

Who is Dubsado for?

“Dubsado is the best fit for solopreneurs and small teams of service-based businesses. Especially those that value customization within their systems for brand recognition, giving a 5-star client experience, and are looking for more robust software to match their growing success in business.” I have friends in a variety of industries and they have all been able to customize it to their needs.

Why Dubsado?


One of the things I didn’t like about other CRMs was the lack of customization. I wanted forms to look a certain way, and it felt frustrating. With Dubsado, the options are seemingly endless!

Client Portal

This was a big one! I wasn’t very happy with the client portals that other CRMs offered. Even from a client perspective, I had negative experiences with it. Which is why I love that Dubsado offers an actual portal! Clients don’t have to jump through hoops. Managing clients is easier, which results in a better client experience overall. Lost the email with those important forms? Nothing to worry about. It is all right there in the client portal, waiting for you.

Workflows & Automations

Do you know that saying, “work smarter, not harder.”? This is exactly what Dubsado has to offer! I’m not going to lie; setting up the workflows and automation does take some time! But, once you have it done, get ready to stress less and let Dubsado do the work for you.

When I first started using Dubsado, they only offered one plan. Now, you can choose what works best for you and your business!

What plan should I get?

If you are looking to simply get organized, level up your client experience, and keep everything in one place, then the STARTER PLAN will be a great start. HA!

  • Sale price: $15/ month or $150/yr (reg. $20/$200)

But, if you’re looking to explore automation with workflows and schedulers, then the PREMIER PLAN will be the better option.

  • Sale price: $35/ month (reg. $40/$400)

Special Gifts for YOU

– When you sign up for Dubsado during the sale, you will be locked in at that price every time your plan renews. So you’re saving THIS year and every year from now on!

– When you use my discount code, RSP20, you get an additional 20% off the already discounted sale price

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