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5 Random Things About Me

5 Random Things About Me

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Destination family & wedding photographer fascinated by stories & people. This blog is the home for some of my favorite things — from weddings, engagement sessions, families & more personal things. 

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I have been debating whether or not to share these random and somewhat embarrassing facts about me because let’s be honest, no one cares! At least it can feel that way sometimes, but I enjoy getting to know my gems before our first session. I ask a lot of questions and use tons of exclamation marks in messages, so I thought, “Why not let YOU get to know me a little better?” I mean, the worse thing that can happen is you laugh and think of me every time you see a chicken. Why a chicken, you ask? There’s only one way to find out!

1. I am allergic to lentils

It may not be the saddest thing ever, but the first time I voluntarily cooked and ate lentils, it was the last! My eyes looked like a goldfish and NOT in a cute way.

2. A chicken attacked me.

Here it is! I’m even laughing as I type this because who gets attacked by a chicken?! I did! Granted, I was about five years old, so it was a terrifying experience back then. Now I can’t help but laugh at myself. A chicken!

3. I fell at the altar.

The first time I got to be a bridesmaid, I fell in front of the church during the ceremony!!!! Seriously! I even remember telling myself NOT to fall on my way up. If you’re praying to the wedding gods that someone caught it on video, the wedding videographers did, and they did not cut that part off.

4. My favorite chocolate is Reese’s Stix!

I don’t what it is about the stix and the holiday-shaped Reese’s, but they are my FAVORITE!!

5. I cherish the sound of a turning signal.

Not just any sound, but I can’t put it into words. Some cars have that “Je ne se quoi.” And yes. I did google the spelling.

So there you have it. Five random things you most likely did not know about me. Can you relate to any of these? Please tell me I’m not the only one victimized by a chicken!

Ruby Sandoval is a Tucson Wedding Photographer, but loves to travel in and out of state! Ruby Sandoval Photography also specializes in engagements, proposals, and family sessions.