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Aissa & CJ just got married on February 25. Trust me when I say, "it was a party!" Not only that, but Aissa and CJ are the perfect example of what it is like to have to families come together and unite as one. Lot's of happy tears where shed, even more dancing! Stay tunes for the first wedding of 2023.

Aissa & Cj's, Life of the party, wedding day!

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Marriage advice

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One of the things I get asked the most when it comes to engagement and family sessions is, “What should I wear?!” The answer is a lot simpler than you think. You should wear something you feel comfortable in. I know, I know. But that’s not the answer you’re looking for, so instead of going […]

Session Preparation

The Spring Dresses for Family & Engagement Pictures You Need

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Whether you are looking to hire a wedding photographer or are on the hunt to update your family picture, it is very important to ask questions before hiring. If you’re unsure what you should be asking, you’re in luck. I wrote a blog post about what you should ask a wedding photographer before hiring them, […]

Session Preparation

What NOT to ask a photographer

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If you and your fiance are feeling a little nervous about your engagement pictures, I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I shoot people (with a camera) for a living, and I still get awkward and nervous in front of a camera! So it’s totally normal to feel the nerves kicking in, […]

Session Preparation

6 Tips That Will Enhance Your Engagement Pictures

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As you start checking items off your wedding to-do list, you’ll eventually find yourself searching for a photographer. If you’re not sure when you should start, click here to find out! You are probably already following some amazing photographers you love on Instagram, but you should still ask some questions before you seal the deal. […]

Wedding Planning

8 Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them

Wedding photographer answers questions