How to Best Prepare Children for a Family Session

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Family photo sessions are a wonderful way to capture moments that will be treasured forever. Preparing children for these sessions can sometimes be a challenge, but with a bit of planning and some handy tips, you can make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Yes, even Dad. Here are some strategies to ensure your family photo session goes off without a hitch.

Give Plenty of Notice

Kids do best when they know what’s coming. Let them know several weeks in advance to help them adjust to the idea of a family photo session. This way, they won’t be caught by surprise and will have time to get used to the idea. Make it fun by showing them pictures from previous sessions or talking about how they’ll get to wear special outfits and visit a new place.

Pick the Right Time of Day

Choose a time when your kids are typically in good moods. For younger children, this often means scheduling the session after they’ve had a nap or a meal. Avoid times when they might be tired or hungry, as this can lead to crankiness. And although some cranky pictures are adorable, we also want them to enjoy the session. 

Dress for Comfort

While it’s tempting to pick out the cutest outfits, make sure your children are comfortable. Uncomfortable clothes can lead to fidgeting and frustration. Opt for soft fabrics and well-fitting clothes appropriate for the weather. If you’re using new clothes, have your children wear them a few times beforehand to make sure there are no issues. 

Bring Tasty Bribes

Bribes can be incredibly effective in motivating kids during a photo session. Choose treats that don’t leave dirty fingers, like gummy bears or other non-sticky snacks. These treats can serve as rewards for good behavior and keep your children smiling between shots. I usually have fun prompts and games for the littles, but bribes come to the rescue when needed.

Plan Fun Activities

Keep your children entertained by planning fun activities during and after the session. Bring a favorite toy, play simple games, or even have a brief dance party to capture natural, joyful expressions during the session. Sometimes, it helps them to know they’ll have a fun activity (like eating ice cream) once they’re done with the session. It gives them something to look forward to.

Stay Positive and Relaxed

Kids pick up on your emotions, so if you’re stressed or anxious, they might become uneasy, too. Approach the session with a positive and relaxed attitude. Praise your children often and offer lots of encouragement. Creating a fun and supportive environment will help everyone enjoy the experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the weeks before the session, practice posing and smiling with your children. Make it a fun activity rather than a chore. This can help them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and understand what to expect. Playful practice sessions can also build their confidence, leading to more natural and relaxed expressions during the shoot. 

By following these tips, you can help make your family photo session a positive and memorable experience. Ready to capture those beautiful family moments? Reach out to us today to get started with your family photo session. We look forward to creating lasting memories with you!

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