Sand Dunes Engagement Photos, but make it GLAM | Aissa & CJ Get Dreamy in California

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This glamorous engagement-styled session was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to shoot an engagement session on the sand dunes of Hugh T. Osborne Lookout, so I got together with a photographer friend, Aleshia, and we started planning the details. We knew that we couldn’t let such an amazing idea go to waste, so we chased headlong after this dream. Our first step was to find the perfect couple to model for us, but that wasn’t challenging at all. I had just the couple in mind for these sand dunes engagement photos.

Styled engagement session photo ideas at the sand dunes of Hugh T. Osborne Lookout. Ruby Sandoval Photography
California Sand Dunes Engagement photos at Hugh T. Osborne Lookout. Ruby Sandoval Photography

Aissa and CJ were exactly the lovebirds we were looking for! Their love is so pure and genuine, I had a feeling that their bond was going to be the “x” factor of this styled engagement session. I was right!

When I asked them if they’d be willing to be my models, they were so enthusiastic! They even made a trip out of it. Aissa and CJ took a long weekend to vacation in San Diego. After some deliberation, we planned the photo shoot to take place on their way back home.

We met up at Hugh T. Osborne Lookout, where Rachel from Makeup by Rachel xoxo got Aissa all dolled up. Then, Aissa slipped on the glorious Golden Gatsby dress from Sew Romantic Designs. Just like that, we were ready to go!

Engagement session photos at the sand dunes of California. Ruby Sandoval Photography

I have mad respect for Aissa, who is a CrossFit goddess. While the rest of us were huffing and puffing up the dunes, she didn’t even break a sweat! Even though she was in a long, sparkly dress with delicate beading, Aissa wasn’t even remotely close to being out of breath.

CJ totally adores her. He was an absolute trooper during the shoot, fully cooperating with all of us, and even enjoying himself throughout the experience. It didn’t take much to know that CJ is head over heels for Aissa!

Engagement session photos at the sand dunes of California. Ruby Sandoval Photography

With the ocean of sand flowing out before us, the possibilities for sand dunes engagement photos were endless. The couple played with different poses while the wind blew Aissa’s hair in the most perfect way, which added that extra element of movement. 

These two were so natural together! They moved effortlessly from one pose to the next, always adding their own personal touches to make the shot their own. This allowed us to photograph some truly special moments of intimacy. 

Engagement session photos at the sand dunes of California. Ruby Sandoval Photography

This inspirational sand dunes engagement session with Aissa and CJ was a true testament to the power of love. It was an unforgettable experience, one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. They are such a beautiful couple, both inside and out, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year!

Sand dunes engagement photos at  Hugh T. Osborne Lookout. Ruby Sandoval Photography

If you’re planning an engagement photo session, don’t think you have to limit yourself to your hometown. You can go anywhere your heart desires! I’m here to make your vision a reality, whether it’s glam or casual, and I’m always open to new and exciting ideas. Whether you’re in Arizona or anywhere else in the world, I’m here to capture your love story.

Whether you are celebrating a recent engagement or an upcoming anniversary, your unique love story deserves to be captured. I’d love to chat with you about what you’re dreaming and how we can make that photography dreams a reality!

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