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Mini Sessions vs Full Session

Mini Sessions vs Full Session

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You have probably heard the term “mini sessions” going around, especially around the holidays, but what exactly is a mini session? How does it differ from a full session? I created this post to help you better understand the difference and help guide you when deciding which session is fitting.

Mini Sessions

You know those holiday-shaped chocolate pieces; trees, pumpkins, eggs, etc. Have you ever noticed that, for some reason, they taste better compared to the full size? Mini sessions are very similar! It’s just like a full session but bite-sized. Often, families with hesitant spouses, young children, or even teenagers cannot handle being in front of the camera for more than 30 minutes. They start to get grumpy and refuse to cooperate. This is where mini sessions come in. A mini session is 20 minutes, tops! With fun interactions and games, 10-20 minutes will fly by! Sometimes it leaves the kiddos shocked that they were done so quickly.

Aside from it being a quicker session, it’s also budget friendlier. Instead of paying for the full session, you end up paying less. One of the disadvantages of a mini session is that fewer images are included. Nonetheless, you will still receive images you love and can even upgrade your gallery!

Mini Sessions Pros:

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Perfect for families who will cooperate for a few minutes
  • Can update family pictures several times a year

Mini Sessions Cons:

  • Limited time-slots available
  • Don’t get to pick the location
  • Not offered year-round

Full Session

A full session is more flexible. You get to pick a date that works for your family and the location. So instead of this being a quick 15-20 minute session, it can be anywhere up to 60 minutes! As long as the lighting is still good and everyone is having a good time, of course.

One of the reasons I recommend full sessions is because they give me time to bring out true personalities. Although it can be accomplished in a mini session, a full session can be magical. You also get to switch outfits. You can start with a casual look and end with a more formal look. This gives you two different looks and more variety in your gallery.

Full Session Pros:

  • You pick the date
  • You pick the location
  • Greater variety in your gallery

Full Session Cons:

  • Pricier than a mini
  • Not available on weekends

If you are unsure which type of session would better fit you and your family, reach out to me! I’d be more than happy to help guide you. For example, some families need 10 minutes, whereas some families need more time for the kids to warm up to me.

Are you interested in this year’s mini sessions? Check out upcoming dates here! Remember, these are very limited. I highly recommend signing up for the waitlist and the bottom of this page.