2022 Fall Family Mini Sessions in Sonoita, AZ | The return of the fams, plus a new one!

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Last year’s family mini-sessions in Sonoita, Arizona turned out better than I could’ve imagined! Four amazing families participated in this event, and three of them were returning clients! I can’t thank them enough for their continued patronage and support. 

One of my favorite parts about returning clients is that I get to see how each family grows. It’s amazing how much kids can change in a year, and being able to capture their lives at multiple stages has been an enormous privilege. 

Not only do I get to rekindle relationships, but I also get to ensure that your family photos all look great together. My repeat clients always get a consistent style, so pictures from this year look just as great next to pictures from last year. 

The prospect of being able to add additional value to our previous work together just makes my heart sing! As you can imagine, it made my 2022 fall family mini-sessions that much more meaningful. I’ve added a few photos from my 2021 fall mini-sessions so you get an idea of what I mean!

That said, as our session time approached, the sky above threatened to ruin all of our plans. As I made the drive from Sonoita to Tucson, rain pelted my windshield and black clouds blocked out the sun. My windshield wipers were a blur, and I was worried that the sessions would have to be canceled. 

Luckily, by the time I got to Sonoita, the rain had more or less passed over us. Harsh light can affect the quality of your photos, so the clouds worked in our favor. Since we get a lot of sunlight in Arizona, I often have to be extra careful of my camera settings so no one is overexposed. 

This time, the clouds offered us a blanket of protection, letting the perfect amount of light peek through. The light was consistent and even during the rest of the time, which made the entire process go smoothly. 

Last year’s families were dressed to the nines! I was so proud of everyone. If you’re clueless about what to wear during your family mini session, I’ve got your back! When you book a session with me, I provide an experience guide to give you an idea of what to wear and how to coordinate colors. 

These families followed my guide perfectly, which really elevated their galleries. The more wrinkles we iron out before the session, the easier it will go! With their minds worry-free, my mini-session families had a blast. 

If you want to be a part of this year’s fall family mini sessions in Sonoita, sign up for my waitlist! Once I have more information to share, I’ll let you know all of the details. You can also keep an eye on the “Current Minis Page,” but when you’re a VIG (Very Important Gem), you get the details straight into your inbox. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day. Shine on!

Are you planning your own family photos and searching for the perfect family photographer? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the family photos of your dreams!

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