3 Reasons A Wedding Album is Worth the Investment

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It’s 2023. There are so many options for saving digital photographs that it seems pointless to have prints, nonetheless, a wedding album. So, why do I need one when I can see them on my phone?

As someone who cannot delete my Facebook account because I have no idea where my wedding USB is and all I have are the low-quality images I uploaded to Facebook (yes, true story), I am here to share why everyone should invest in a professionally designed, high-quality wedding album.

Why you should invest in a wedding album

Technology Is Unreliable

Do you remember these little things called floppy disks? Once upon a time, floppy disks were THE way to save files. Then, a few years later, came the CD. Followed by USB, and now everything lives on the cloud! Technology is ever-evolving, but even more than that, technology can fail. Ever had a phone breakdown or even gotten lost? We’ve all been there, and the first thing that would come to mind was “my pictures!” Investing in a wedding album means you don’t have to rely on technology. It also looks great as a statement piece on your coffee table.

a variety wedding albums showcasing different cover options.

Your First Family Heirloom

Yes, storing photos on our phones, computers, or the cloud is easy. However, there’s something special about holding a physical photo album and flipping through the pages. A wedding album is a tangible memory that you can hold and share with your loved ones. It’s a beautiful keepsake that you can pass down to future generations. Your future kids and grandkids will thank you.

You get to relive the day

You spent months AND lots of money planning your dream wedding. And although you probably shared some pictures on social media and plenty of videos from your guests, guess what? Just like technology, social media can fail and is ever-evolving. Remember that day Instagram shut down, and no one could share anything? Yeah, we never know when our choice of platform will be gone. Just like the first tip, social media can fail and is ever-evolving.

The one SURE way to know you’ll always be able to flip through your wedding day and relive it all over again is to have something tangible right in front of you. Yes, you can always order prints from Walgreens (please don’t) and create an album on Shutterfly (also, please don’t), but there is something they can’t offer you.

samples of a wedding album and the cover options

Why my gems love their wedding album

As a gem couple, you can have a wedding album within 6 weeks of your wedding, created by someone who can design an album to flow well and tell the story of your day, and an album of the utmost quality that is unavailable to order by the general public.

The Heirloom Albums I offer my gems are hand-bound with various cover options from linen to vegan leather and options to engrave your name on the front. They come in an 8×8 inch and 10×10 inch size (depending on your collection) and are made to last for years! The pages are thick and lay flat as you open them. You also have the option to add on a Parent album, which is an exact duplicate of your Heirloom Album, but in a 6×6 inch size.

Why I Love Wedding Albums

My favorite part about these albums is that they give you the ability to turn them, page by page, and relive your wedding day from start to finish. It tells a story about the first day of your marriage. By any means, this does NOT mean you HAVE to invest in an album, or your wedding will not be the same… because your wedding day is STILL the beginning of your marriage. However, I wholeheartedly believe it’s something you will NOT regret. As the years go by, you’ll pull out your Heirloom Wedding Album time after time to show your friends, family, and grandkids. Then, you’ll get to sit down and relive your day together every anniversary. Talk about how much you’ve grown as a couple and what you look forward to in the coming years.

I want all my gems to walk away from their wedding day with a physical reminder. Not just a gallery full of images they swear they’re going to make a Shutterfly album with one day – and never do. As a professional, I would be doing you, and your marriage, a disservice if I didn’t offer them, which is why I include them in all wedding collections.

In conclusion, a wedding album is an investment that’s worth making. So, if you’re getting married, don’t skimp on the album. It’s something that you’ll cherish forever!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer to capture your big day? Let’s chat and find out if we are a match! I only take 10 weddings a year and love getting to know my gems!

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