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Catalina Family Photography | The Green Family

Catalina Family Photography | The Green Family

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Destination family & wedding photographer fascinated by stories & people. This blog is the home for some of my favorite things — from weddings, engagement sessions, families & more personal things. 

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As a Catalina family photographer, I’ve explored endless desert locations for photo sessions and met countless incredible families! Sometimes the locations are the standout of a session, and sometimes families swiftly steal the spotlight. But now and then, a place and a family fit together so seamlessly that it feels meant to be! And after just a glance at the Green family’s photos, you’ll undoubtedly agree that their Catalina family photography session was one of those magical treats!

Catalina State Park

I first discovered how flawless a Catalina family photography session could be when a group of Tucson photographers got together for a shootout. I knew right away that I had to bring a lovely family and my camera here ASAP! Enter the Green family! The beautiful rays of sunlight perfectly complemented their kindhearted and witty personalities! It was complete perfection from beginning to end!

Christy told me long before our session that they were looking forward to updating their family picture in a beautiful setting, and, thanks to our spectacular location, it wasn’t tricky to deliver! It had been YEARS since they last took a family picture, and initially, Mr. Green wasn’t going to be able to make it. But the odds were in their favor since they called him from work to let him know he didn’t have to go in that day. The sand and lighting gave the whole session an adventurous feel, and the brilliant sunshine added a sprinkle of warmth.

But let’s be honest: how could the images from our Catalina State Park family photography session be anything less than stunning! Especially with a family like this one in front of my lens! You better believe I’ll be returning here over and over again!

couples photography in catalina state park tucson with green dress
young son with mother and father in the desert at catalina state park. Green dress on mom and beige sweater on son.
family photography in catalina state park

As a family photographer, I am uniquely blessed to work with clients as their families grow and change repeatedly. I love to document the deepening love between parents, growing (and new!) littles, and even the arrival of new pets in the family! Our families transform so much from one year to the next. I treasure every chance I get to bear witness to those changes. Thank you so much, Green family, for inviting me on this adventure with you! I hope to spend time with all of you again so soon!

Are you searching for a Tucson family photographer of your own? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the family photos of your dreams!

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