6 Tips That Will Enhance Your Engagement Pictures

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If you and your fiance are feeling a little nervous about your engagement pictures, I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I shoot people (with a camera) for a living, and I still get awkward and nervous in front of a camera! So it’s totally normal to feel the nerves kicking in, but I’m here to encourage you to relax and enjoy your time together. That being said, there are also small details that make your engagement pictures go from “ok” to “WOW!”

If you’ve hired me for pictures before, then you already know that I’ve got you! I will guide you and tell you exactly what to do, where to look, what to say, how to say it. And when you least expect it, you’re going to be nailing it and creating some GORGEOUS shots. But if you want to make it extraordinary, here are six tips for making your engagement pictures even better!

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how to prepare for a destination engagement session

1. Arrive on Time

All engagement pictures are planned based on sunset/sunrise time. But to create those magical shots that everyone loves, you need beautiful light! You’d be surprised what a vast difference 10-15 minutes can make when it comes to photography. By arriving too early, you risk having harsh light, but you also risk having your significant other get over the session by the time the amazing light we all love. But if you arrive too late, you can miss it completely.

2. Get a Manicure

I doubt you need a reminder, but having freshly polished nails will make a difference. Broken and chipped nails are tough to edit and require an additional fee per image, so treat yourself to a spa visit and pamper your nails. Neutral tones photograph best and go with every outfit you’ve picked out. Some of my favorite tones include Topless & Barefoot & Ballet Slippers.

ring shot of an enagement session with a tip on how to clean a ring

3. Pack Comfy Shoes

Living in Arizona, you know everything is out to poke you. The last thing I want for you is to be walking in heels in the desert (or anywhere, for that matter) and twisting your ankle. Therefore, I HIGHLY recommend you pack some comfy closed-toe shoes to walk from one location to another. Your feet will thank me later!

4. Clean your Ring

The ring will be the star of the show, and I love to take some close-up shots of just your ring while you switch outfits. Having it cleaned by a jeweler will guarantee some extra sparkle! You can also clean it yourself by leaving it in warm water with dish soap for at least 30 minutes and brushing it gently with a soft bristle toothbrush. You can also use these super handy wipes and throw them in your purse.

5. Empty Pockets

Guys, please empty your pockets! I will gladly hold on to your personals while shooting you, but having a bag with your personals will make it easier for everyone. If you forget, don’t worry. I always have space in my camera bag for phones, wallets, and keys, but don’t forget to ask me for them at the end of your session. I would hate to leave you phoneless, keyless, and without a wallet!

6. Enjoy the Moment

It might feel strange at first to have someone pointing a camera at your face, but remember why you are there in the first place. To celebrate your love! Make it extra unique and go out to a special dinner afterward. You’ll already be glammed up for it anyway! Craving Mexican food? Here are my favorite Mexican restaurants in Tucson!

dog at engagement session tip

Bonus Tip: Bring your Dogs!

If you’re a dog parent, please have someone bring them! I love having dogs in photo sessions; they’re a big part of your life! They should be there! Ask someone to bring them for either the first 15-20 minutes or the last 15-20 minutes of your session. All I ask is that you bring a lint roller if they’re heavy shedders and some treats to bribe them with! I’d be more than happy to accommodate them in your session and give them some belly rubs.

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