San Xavier Mission | 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

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When Natalia and Richard reached out asking to take their 10th-anniversary session, I was thrilled! Not only is Natalia my cousin, but they are at both my wedding ninos! Originally the plan was to have the session downtown, but when Richard suggested San Xavier Del Bac, I could not wait! I had never been to San Xavier Mission (I know, I know), and I just knew they were going to be dressed to impress.

While walking around San Xavier del Bac, I asked them to walk down memory lane and asked a few questions. Here’s what they had to say.

What is your greatest memory from your wedding day?

That all of our loved ones from both sides where with us on that special weekend.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

The Caribbean.

What has been your favorite adventure together so far?

Oh wow, we have so many! Moving from one place to another and starting from zero.

What is one thing you’ve learned since you’ve gotten married?

That the perfect companion truly exists!

Who is the better cook?

Of course, Natalia by far!

What do you love to do together?


What helps you to love the other person when you are mad at them?

Ricardo: “ I think of all the good moments that we have spent together.”

Natalia: “that he is my best friend at the end of the day and that we made and signed a promise to never go to bed mad at eachother.”

What are you looking forward to for this next year of marriage?

Ricardo: “Thinking about babies”

Natalia: “I guess what Ricardo said, he really wants babies now LOL!

What are some things you do to keep your relationship growing?

We support eachother in our individual goals, we do things together espeacially things that the other enjoys. Most importantly being best friends for life and ALWAYS, always praying together.

What are you doing to celebrate your anniversary this year?

As we always do, traveling and discovering a new place no matter what.

What advice would you give a newlywed couple?

Ricardo: Be yourself, expect changes in your life. Always be the best and kind with you partner, think ahead of the other… if she has not waken up, make her morning drink, if she is sick make her favorite tea, if she is running late turn on her car and make her breakfast.

Natalia: Marry someone who loves you with kindness and lets you be you! Marry someone who makes the best version of YOU. Always be respectful and remember that it’s not just about you anymore… it’s about being committed and dedicated to each word being sworn into when becoming husband and wife. My final touch in this is that, If you have God in your life, nothing will fail. Even sad or hard moments become perfect learning experiences, and those are most cherished. My grandmother always said, “Marry somebody that loves you more; you will suffer less.” When I met Ricardo, I understood what that meant. But, after opening my heart, mind, and allowing my best friend to come into my life, I fell head over heels! I love you deeply.

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