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This lovely couple decided to have their Phoenix engagement session in Roosevelt Row Arts District and Heritage Square. I could not have been more excited to try something new and out of my comfort zone, and honestly, I loved the result.

Marisa and Scott met virtually back in January 2018 when Marisa first “swiped right.” They had their first date two weeks later and spent the evening tacos and bar hopping in Phoenix. When Scott walked into the restaurant, she immediately thought he had a great smile. But Scott, on the other hand, was grateful he wasn’t getting catfished again.

It was mid-July, and Scott had taken Marisa on their first real camping trip up in the White Mountains. It was just the two of them, along with their furry friend, Saber. They turned off a highway outside of Greer and drove down a dirt road for miles to the middle of nowhere! Marisa had zero experience setting up a campsite, nor had she ever slept in a tent before. She felt a little inept, but Scott quickly made her feel at ease (with some help from their Whiskey friend). Night fell, and Marisa had never seen the sky look so beautiful, filled with stars. Scott waited for the perfect moment. Then, next to the campfire, Scott uttered those three words they had never said before. “I love you.”

A few years later, Marisa and Scott had planned a trip to Tucson to celebrate her 32nd birthday. They booked a romantic stay at Hacienda del Sol, visited their favorite restaurants, and even a hike up Mt. Lemmon. The drive up to Mt. Lemmon was “stunningly beautiful and horrifically windy.” Thirty minutes of being bombarded with turn after turn had Marisa “50 shades of grey.” Scott was sweet and apologetic (and nervous). Once the motion sickness had passed, they began their hike. It wasn’t long before they had found a clearing that overlooked everything. They were rewarded with trees and skies as far as the eye could see. Scott soon got down on one knee and asked Marisa to marry him.

Before every engagement session, I like to ask my gems what their favorite thing about each other is. Here are their responses.

“I love Scott’s smile. I love how he genuinely loves and shows up for the people he cares about most. I love his intellect and how we geek out over the same subjects. I love his sense of humor, his love of music, and how he has helped me get in touch with the outdoors.”

“I love Marisa’s thoughtfulness. She pays attention to the details in the way she gift gives and how she cares for others. Those things are just the beginning… She is an empathetic, generous, and giving person at her core! … If you haven’t gathered, I could go on waxing hyperbolically. I have the privilege and the honor to wake up each day and witness this incredibly ambitious woman in this beautiful, dark-featured package navigate an ever-changing and complex world!!”

Now, take a look at their engagement session and witness just how fun and loving these two are!

A Phoenix Engagement Session

Roosevelt Row Arts District & Heritage Square

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