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Today’s Casas Adobes Plaza engagement session includes some pixie dust. Angie and Juan met during the summer of 2016. She was an undergraduate researcher for the summer program at the University of Arizona internship, and he was working for the same program. They worked together a few times and spoke regularly. Once the program ended, their friendship grew, and they started to spend time together with some friends from the program. However, it wasn’t until a month later of hanging out (and some strong hints) that they decided to start a real relationship.

When they first met, Angie felt immediately drawn to Juan. She found him to be very personable, kind and funny! She found his charisma most attractive, and he seemed easy to talk to and gave off confidence.

“It is a little funny to think of now because I realize at times he was trying to impress me haha and it worked!”


Juan thought she was a gentle girl. She seemed extremely humble and caring towards others and immediately impressed him.

“She always came across as genuine and never seemed to be someone who she was not”


Ready for the pixie dust? Here is their proposal story as told by Juan:

“I planned it with her family to propose to her at Disneyland. That is her favorite place to go on vacation, and she has been going there with her family every year since she was a child. And since I knew we would be going there every year from now on, I wanted there to be a special place for us to visit every time. We had tickets we couldn’t use due to Covid from 2019, and I had wanted to propose since then, but it wasn’t possible to go until 2021. I planned to have a special spot in front of the train station at the front entrance from the back side to have a clear view of the Christmas tree since November. We asked the cast members if it was possible to get one of the photographers to go with us to that spot so I could propose, and they confirmed. The problem was that when we arrived at the spot, it was blocked off because Band leader Mickey and his group would be performing right there. The plan was foiled, so we moved on, planning on coming back, but we didn’t know when because we always kept moving fast through the park to do as much as possible every day. I feared I might have to wait till nighttime on our way out when we’d be there again because I know she’d be fine with it, but she wouldn’t have felt good after having a full day of tiredness and sweat on us, lol. So eventually, we made the excuse of wanting to go back to the main square to buy some stuff. Her mom helped by grabbing a photographer and bringing her to the area where the rest of the family was already waiting. They took a full family picture with the Christmas tree to keep it “realistic” and avoid suspicion. Then they suggested individual couples, and when Angie and I were on our own there, I got on one knee. She immediately broke down, and it threw me off from the speech I had planned. It worked out, and we managed to get it done early in the morning so we could enjoy being at the park engaged!”

Now that you’re feeling all of the pixie dust and Disney magic, here is their engagement session at Casas Adobes Plaza.

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